26-September-2023 12:20:25

Digital Certificates

Dear Valued Client, With reference to the newsletter sent on 7 September 2023. Please be advised to kindly refrain from making any modifications to the document name, as any alterations will result in the disabling of its QR code functionality. Newsletter: 07/09/2023 Dear Valued Client, During the month of August 2023, Empowerdex has introduced a new and exciting way of issuing our B-BBEE certificates, which proves to be more efficient and environmentally friendly. We have gone digital! This change involves moving away from the accustomed hard copy A3 and A4 certificates, and migrating to a tech savvy and digital procedure…
25-March-2020 10:49:37

Vigilence During Lock-Down

Dear Valued Clients, As the company goes into lock-down, please do not forget that the fraudsters are still hard at work. If you receive an invoice from Empowerdex for urgent payment, please check the email address to see it really comes from Empowerdex. You can right click on the email address to check the properties of the address. Secondly, we always use the company email signature on all external emails. If there is none – please do not proceed. Thirdly, our banking details have not changed. If you get an invoice with anything other than the usual banking details as…
Clarification to the Youth Employment Service Initiative Practice notice of 2019 (Gazetted 41975) - Youth Employment Service Initiative The Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment codes of good practice for all measured entities. The purpose of this clarification statement is to provide guidance to the market on the application of the Youth Employment Service Initiative (Y.E.S) under Amended Code Series 000, Statement 000 of the Amended Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Codes of Good Practice. This relates to the Government Gazette published on 28 August 2018, under Gazette Notice Number 41866 and the Y.E.S Practice Note issued on 12 October 2018 under…
NOTES ON STATEMENT 000 – GENERAL PRINCIPLES AND THE GENERIC SCORECARDTransitional PeriodThe amendments to Statement 000 are effective from 1 December 2019 (6 months from, the date of the Gazette). Substance over legal formIn terms of the general principles, the fundamental principle for measuring B-BBEE Compliance remains that substance takes precedence over legal form. Joint VenturesThe amendment to this statement refers specifically to the inclusion of the principles in respect of the eligibility of joint ventures and start-up enterprises.In terms of this statement, Unincorporated Joint Ventures are required to compile a consolidated verification certificate weighted per joint venture partner’s proportionate…
Dear Valued Client,The 2018 Most Empowered Companies Survey results are out, Empowerdex and its partners wish to congratulate Raubex Group, WBHO and Anys who achieved first, second and third place on the overall ranking for the entities measured in terms of the Amended Codes of Good Practice on BBBEE. Congratulations are also extended to FirstRand, Cargo Carriers and One Logix who were ranked in these positions based on the Old Codes of Good Practice.RegardsEmpowerdex Team
Dear Valued Client,Please take note of the Most Empowered Companies Survey 2018 Methodology.RegardsEmpowerdex Team
Dear Valued Client, The practice note for the implementation of the Y.E.S (Youth Employment Service) Initiative has been issued in terms of the Amended Code Series 000, Statement 000 of the Amended Codes.Highlights from this practice note: Eligibility: To participate in Y.E.S, you must be registered with the Y.E.S Non-Profit Company, You must maintain your previous BBBEE level status recognition, as issued by a SANAS accredited verification agency, in order to be awarded any points under the Y.E.S initiative, Your eligible employees must complete at least eight (8) months of your qualifying Y.E.S initiative in order for the workplace experience…
01-October-2018 09:47:31

Newly Gazetted Mining Charter

Dear Valued Client,The Broad-Based Socio-Economic Empowerment Charter for the Mining and Minerals has been gazetted for implementation in terms of Section 100 (2) of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, 2002 (MPRDA) This Charter is to be read together with the Implementation Guidelines to be gazetted by December 2018.Please do not hesitate to contact your nearest Empowerdex Branch should you have any questions.Kind regards,The Empowerdex Team
Dear Valued Client,Please find attached the Youth Employment Service Initiative that has been gazetted by the Minister of Trade and Industry under Codes Series 000, Statement 000 of the amended Codes of Good Practice. This document is effective immediately.Please do not hesitate to contact your nearest Empowerdex branch should you have any questions after studying the gazette.Kind regards,The Empowerdex Team
Dear valued client,Please find attached for your information a recently signed memorandum of understanding between the BEE Commission and the South African Revenue Services.Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact your nearest Empowerdex branch.Kind regards,The Empowerdex Team
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